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  • Cab Sharing

    Cab Sharing

    More and more, people feel the need to share a taxi in Boston. Passengers organize, even though there is currently no official program offered by the taxi drivers union or initiative proposed by the city government. But obviously, customers are content with an option that allows them to reduce th...

    groups:circlelocation: Cambridge

    1834 days ago

  • Paul

    This is a funding circle

    Location: Cambridge

    1819 days ago

  • Anna

    Location: Cambridge

    1833 days ago

  • Carl

    Location: Cambridge

    1822 days ago

  • Cambridge sharing circle

    Cambridge sharing circle

    This is a group for sharing stuff, all kind of stuff can be shared within the circle: DVD's, books. You can decide if you want to lend your stuff, swap or just give them away for free. If you like you can even create an auction. We are located in th Cambridge MA area, the group is open and if you...

    groups:circlelocation: Cambridge

    1852 days ago