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  • Chris

    Location: Boston

    1887 days ago

  • Saving to get together

    Saving to get together

    We created this circle, together with my friends, in order to save money for our monthly get together dinner. The money are collected through weekly contributions of each group member. The amount we chip in every week, it's decided at every meeting we attend. A savings group is a group you can f...

    groups:circlelocation: Boston

    1884 days ago

  • Saving for Honeymoon

    Saving for Honeymoon

    With money as tight as ever, and travel expenses arguably down but definitely not out, all of us need to think about how to set aside the Benjamins that a big trip requires. Together with my husband we are trying to save money for our honeymoon, and we are also asking to our families and friends...

    groups:circlelocation: Boston

    1885 days ago

  • Parking Spot Sharing

    Parking Spot Sharing

    As drivers or passengers, we have all experienced the growing problem of parking. With resident permit holder bays springing up all over the country, car park prices making us wince and fines landing on windscreens at a record rate and with no sign of a slowdown, parking is becoming ever more res...

    groups:circlelocation: Boston

    1899 days ago

  • William

    Location: Boston

    1897 days ago

  • Your Logo Design

    Your Logo Design

    The idea is very simple. As a designer, I love creating logos. And after completing two successful logo projects, I thought it would be fun to try one more.  The concept for the project is easy; Design a whole bunch of different logos, for a whole bunch of different people. That's it. Each Suppor...

    groups:circlelocation: Boston

    1887 days ago

  • Fenway Park lending circle

    Fenway Park lending circle

    Fenway Park lending circle is a rotating saving group that allows all the members to save and lend money to each other in order to buy tickets for the Red Sox game. A Rotating Savings Group (RSG) is a group of individuals who agree to meet for a defined period of time in order to save and borrow ...

    groups:circlelocation: Boston

    1894 days ago

  • Alex

    Fenway Park lending circle allows us to save and lend money to each other in order to buy tickets for the Red Sox games.

    Location: Boston

    1894 days ago

  • Location: Boston

    1958 days ago

  • iPhone 2g 8GB

    This used iphone it's in great condition.

    Location: Boston

    1926 days ago

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