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Fenway Park lending circle

Fenway Park lending circle

Owner: Alex

Circle members: 1


Fenway Park lending circle is a rotating saving group that allows all the members to save and lend money to each other in order to buy tickets for the Red Sox game. A Rotating Savings Group (RSG) is a group of individuals who agree to meet for a defined period of time in order to save and borrow together. Meetings are regular, each member contributes the same amount at each meeting, and one member takes the whole sum once. As a result, each member is able to access a larger sum of money during the life of the RSG, and use it for whatever purpose she or he wishes. Since no money has to be retained inside the group, no records have to be kept; these characteristics make the system a model of transparency and simplicity.

Circle Type: Lending Circle

This circlehas a closed membership.