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Saving to get together

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Saving to get together

Saving to get together

Owner: Carl

Circle members: 4


We created this circle, together with my friends, in order to save money for our monthly get together dinner. The money are collected through weekly contributions of each group member. The amount we chip in every week, it's decided at every meeting we attend.

A savings group is a group you can form with your neighbours and friends to solve financial problems by saving small sums of money together. It’s like a drop of water in a bucket. You can’t do anything with a drop of water, but once it accumulates, you can do many things: wash your face, use it for cooking, and drink it. Each and every drop fills the pitcher, unity is strength. It’s the same with money. Let’s each save a little bit and put it together. A little bit of money from everybody will gradually make a lot of money for the group to do many things.

Circle Type: Saving Circle
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