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Parking Spot Sharing

Parking Spot Sharing

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As drivers or passengers, we have all experienced the growing problem of parking. With resident permit holder bays springing up all over the country, car park prices making us wince and fines landing on windscreens at a record rate and with no sign of a slowdown, parking is becoming ever more restricted, costly and stressful.
At the same time, millions of driveways and car parks - next to major public transport hubs, town centres and theatres for example - stand empty when they could be providing parking for motorists and extra income to homeowners and businesses.
What's missing and greatly needed is something that brings drivers and their vehicles together with property-owners and their empty garages.
If you are one of the thousands of people whose daily commute involves driving to a station before hopping on a train or bus to get to work, you'll know the difficulty and frustration of finding somewhere to leave your car.
A station car park that is crammed by eight o'clock in the morning, the wrong change in your pocket for the ticket or a long trek to and from the station because you've had to park miles away are just some of the problems which face commuters. Not much fun if you're running late first thing in the morning or if you've had a long and stressful day at work. And if you're a woman, remote car parks are the last place you want to be when it's dark.
Resident permit holder schemes are being introduced all over the country for the very purpose of protecting homeowners and local businesses from all-day commuter car parking. And given that residents pay a couple of hundred pounds a year for a permit and still struggle to find parking within a couple of blocks of their homes, a service that protects residents' parking rights outside their own front door seems fair.
But that doesn't solve the problem for commuters.
If you know that you need to leave your car in a particular location everyday, why don't you make a convenient and cost-effective arrangement with a local resident through money GO rounds? At the very least, a pre-booked, penalty-free parking space might mean a few extra minutes in bed each morning!

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